Wear In The World?

Yes, you read that right! ‘Wear in the World‘ is, of course, a play on words.
Rotarians have been attracting attention around the world wearing their Rotary Fitness clothing.
Send us a photo of you wearing Rotary Fitness clothing and let’s see how long it takes Rotarians to go to the ends of the earth and show our colours to the world.

Paul Roger in Nepal

Ian Riesly in Hobart

Terry Davies

South Bunbury Cyclists

Paddling Lake Fawa

Jogging in Germany

Jogging in Holland

Jogging in Holland and Germany

Like many of us, I love the experience of travel. (Well, not the bit where you sit at airports for hours or lug bags about.) I love experiencing different cultures and poking about in places where I've never been to before. One of the things I like to do is get out...

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Green Pastures Adventure

We did a Saturday morning walk at Lake Fawa, Pokhara Nepal. We had a look at some local boat building. Very heavy solid planks are used.....no putting these on the roof racks! Then we paddled in a canoe for an hour. It was all hard work due to the weight, but a good...

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Paul Roger in Nepal for ShelterBox

"When you wake up in Bangkok and go to bed in Kathmandu - you know you've just started a great adventure," stated Rotarian Paul Roger as he commenced the 2018 ShelterBox fundraising trek in Nepal. The ShelterBox Nepal Trek was organised by Inspired Adventure on behalf...

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New Designs Make a Difference

In September 2017, we officially launched Rotary.Fitness at the Darwin Institute with a few shirts and a vision. Over the last 12 months, we've continued to develop the program and a year later, at the Australia New Zealand Conference in Hobart, we revealed six new...

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Cycling Fitness in South Bunbury

Every week you will find members of the Rotary Club of South Bunbury (d9465) cycling around town and enjoying a coffee (the best bit of the exercise we are told!) Known among their friends as the 'Cycling Geriatrics', the group started 10 years ago as a Sunday riding...

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Terry Davies Cycling in France

We love to see photos of people wearing our Rotary Fitness clothing while they are travelling. Recently, Australian Rotary Health, Corporate Manager, Terry Davies was spotted in France, proudly wearing a Rotary Fitness bike jersey displaying the 'Lift the Lid' mental...

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