ARHsport Champion Bruce Miller

Steve Hill, District Governor of 9710, attended the ARHsport launch function held at a Rotary Club of Sydney Cove where he performed his first official duty; that of congratulating Bruce Miller of the Rotary Club of Jerrabomberra, as Australia’s first Rotary volunteer take on the role of an ARHsport Champion.

Bruce and his club have shown great enthusiasm for the ARHsport Initiative. Not only is the club working on the refurbishment of their local fitness trail but Bruce has also begun weekly walks around the fitness trail as a club activity for locals to join in.


Ambassador Australian Rotary Health

21 of the City2Surf Legends attended the announcement breakfast

Venue: Rotary Club of Sydney Cove breakfast meeting

The Rotary Club of Jerrabomberra have pledged to promote physical and mental health through engaging in regular exercise activities within their local community.

“We started with weekly walks around our local fitness trail in the 1st week of July”

Bruce Miller is keen to inspire people to be the best that they can be. Some of the club members are now also Friends of Australian Rotary Health and are committed to improving and achieving a healthy lifestyle. The ARHsport Initiative aims to work together to help motivate others in the community to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

L to R: Neil, Bruce and Paul. (Also Anton and Cathy).

RC Jerrabomberra Fitness Sub-Committee

This project will be executed in three phases and the club is currently in Phase One which is the information stage. Phase Two will be the refurbishment phase and finally Phase Three will be the replacement and introduction of new fitness equipment.