We began design, experimentation and testing of the Rotary Fitness initiative over a year ago. Until now, all of the work has been done in Australia in support of Australian Rotary clubs and their events.

We are going over the ditch

At the Australia/New Zealand Rotary Conference in Hobart, Australian Rotary Health Ambassador, Chris Edwards, officially announced support for New Zealand Rotary clubs and their sporting events; much to the cheers of the Kiwis in attendance.

We started discussions in May with the Rotary Club of Feilding (District 9940) with a view to exploring ways of bringing the Rotary Fitness initiative to New Zealand.

Unfortunately, this isn’t as easy as just selling shirts. The program is much more than that, and there is a lot of work to do.

In Australia, we donate our profits to a national body, Australian Rotary Health, but New Zealand unfortunately, has no similar national body.

There is still a lot to work out, but we are on the journey together, and we will find a way.

Our aim is to make the whole sporting range available in New Zealand versions with a small design change – black sleeves with a silver fern on the right arm. The thinking behind this is that we all Rotarians to look like a team when they are overseas together.

A few of the Kiwis at the conference commented to us that they were very pleased with our commitment because, so often, New Zealanders feel that they often get left out of innovative new initiatives like Rotary Fitness.

When it comes to sport, the Kiwis punch above their weight on the world stage. So, we could think of no better international country to be the first to join us in a sporting challenge, than our friends over the ditch.