In September 2017, we officially launched Rotary.Fitness at the Darwin Institute with a few shirts and a vision. Over the last 12 months, we’ve continued to develop the program and a year later, at the Australia New Zealand Conference in Hobart, we revealed six new designs and announced an innovative way we aim to support Australian Rotary Health and the End Polio campaign.

Four New Sport Designs

We have extended our sporting range with the addition of Hiking, Tennis, Skiing and Ice Hockey. The skiing and hiking designs proving particularly popular. This takes our sports design range to 18.

Jazzing Up The Range

Too much clapping and cheering, we revealed the first of our non-sporting designs; the jazz polo.
Fitness involves far more than activities that cause you to break into a sweat. Our slogan is ‘Healthy Minds, Bodies and Communities’, and what better way to add soul to a community than with a bit of jazz?
Not everyone is passionate about a sport, but the rhythm of jazz makes the heart sing.

Mt Everest Assault For EndPolio

We recently wrote about Rotarian Ken Hutt of the Rotary Club of Berry who, aided by 20 trekkers, will aim to be the first person to jump off Mt Everest in a paraglider.

Rotary Fitness has come to the party with a design of an expedition polo supporting the attempt.

The front depicts Ken jumping from Mt Everest with a big red End Polio chute. On the back are three trekkers, representing the support team of 20 who will accompany Ken to Everest Base Camp.

Sponsors will pay for the manufacture and supply of the shirts. The profit from this will go to Australian Rotary Health for medical research. Ken and his team will then sell the shirts and the funds raised from the sale of these will go to EndPolio.
It really is a win-win all around.

Pictured above: ARH Ambassador Chris Edwards wearing the new Jazz shirt, Marga Hewko, holding a Woden Club 5 Peaks Challenge cycling jersey (a gift for her husband RI General Secretary John Hewko, a passionate cyclist), Past RI President Ian Riseley and Rotary Fitness’ Janine Linklater modelling the men’s and women’s End Polio shirts.