Our favourite fundraiser is a crowd-pleasing BBQ. But, let’s be honest. We all know that these aren’t healthy, don’t we!

So the challenge is, “How can we make BBQs healthier and more profitable?” The good news is that it is possible.

This is one of the challenges the Rotary E-Club of Greater South Oz is helping to address. Working with OPAL-SA Health, the Heart Foundation and the Cancer Council; the team have created a resource called Food For Health.

baked potatoesThis site is filled with great information such as healthy recipes, managing weight and tips on diet and exercise.

A typical Aussie BBQ consists of sausages, hamburgers, onions, white bread, tomato or BBQ sauce cooked in oil or fat. We also offer soft drinks laden with sugar, 25% fruit juices, token cans of sugar-free soft drink and water. Sound familiar? It’s a meal high in bad fat, sugar and salt, with little nutritional value and lacking in fibre.

Call to Make Rotary BBQs Healthier

The eClub would like all Rotary clubs to consider offering healthier BBQ options.

Making a few changes can show communities that Rotarians care about community health. Consider swapping the meat for leaner varieties. Offer wholemeal, multigrain or high fibre white bread. Use plant-based oil such as Canola or Sunflower and add some salad. Why not place cold water at the front with soft drinks or juice as an alternative?

Another healthy option is vegetable kebabs made with zucchini, tomato, capsicum, onion and mushroom. Corn on the cob is also a popular alternative. Offer some fresh fruit such as apples, bananas, and oranges.

Visit Food for Fundraising on their website for more information.

Here are some ideas on how to maximise profitability.

Take the time to work out how much the products you’re selling will cost to put together. The most important aspect of retaining profits is not to over cater! Leftovers and waste mean reduced profits! It is better to under cater and top-up products from a local supermarket or another supplier on the day.

Here’s an example of choosing a profit level. A lean minute steak ($1-10) served with wholemeal bread, lettuce, and tomato will cost roughly $2-02. Selling it at 30% mark-up = $2-42, 40% = $2.83, 50% = $3-03, 60% = $$3-27, 70% = $3-43, 80% = $3.64, 90% = $3-84 and 100% = $4-04. For only $4-05 a lot of people will to pay for a healthier option.

Eating well makes people feel better and live longer. Today’s children may have a shorter lifespan than their parents. Shifts in diet and lifestyle along with an unhealthy environment are major contributors. Being overweight creates a major health risk. It is estimated that over a billion people are in this category.

eclub of south oz

The eClub of Greater South Oz occasionally meet at the original club’s home of Kangaroo Island

eClub of Greater South Oz

The Rotary Club of Kangaroo Island (founded in 1979) decided to take on members from throughout District 9500 and morph into an eClub. The club became the e-Club of Greater South Oz in 2014.

Food For Health is one of the many projects the club does. The project was the result of the member’s desire to set an example and raise awareness of healthier eating.

eClub President Graham Fussen, who looks after the website, is also District 9500s Webmaster. He originally joining the Rotary Club of Tea Tree Gully in 1999 and has been active at District level serving on RAWCS, Chair Safe Water Saves Lives, Chair of the District Internet committee among other things.