We did a Saturday morning walk at Lake Fawa, Pokhara Nepal. We had a look at some local boat building. Very heavy solid planks are used…..no putting these on the roof racks! Then we paddled in a canoe for an hour. It was all hard work due to the weight, but a good workout.

Paddling on Lake Fewa
Paddling on Lake Fewa

Having had a couple of weeks up in Nepal with my Rotary Club, I can honestly say that the experience was really worth the trip.

Our Club, The Rotary Club of Regency Park (D9500) had a couple of weeks in Nepal on a visit to a project we’ve been supporting for a number of years. The club has provided a Nepalese Hospital in Pokhara, The Green Pastures Hospital, with various items of medical equipment, from X-ray machines to Autoclaves, LED examination lights, anaesthetic machine and more.

One of our members, Dr Brian Wheatley, a retired gynaecologist, who has visited the hospital many times over the years, offered to lead a tour of club members.

The Green Pastures Hospital
The Green Pastures Hospital

The Main item on our itinerary was to visit the hospital. The work that they do in this impoverished nation is beyond belief. They have departments for leprosy, palliative care, physio, prosthetics, hearing, occupational therapy, and wheelchair restoration.

rebuilding after earthquake
Visited the Nepalese countryside to inspect rebuilding after the earthquake

We also went on an all-day trip to the earthquake epicentre near Gorkha, up in the mountains. Travelled in three 4x4s on very rough roads. The trip organised by INF showed us the many new houses financed by them for people with disabilities. An aged woman, another who is blind and a young man with severe spinal injuries and many more. The new houses are all reinforced by steel rods that strap the house together. Many houses were lost in the quake. A long day, but worth the trip to see what is being done out in the countryside.

The INF (International Nepal Fellowship) oversees and administers the hospital and is also rebuilding houses in the earthquake epicentre area for people with a disability. We visited this area up in the rugged hills and it is a wonderful thing they do. The new houses are reinforced against future earthquakes.

Rotarians from Regency Park
Rotarians from Regency Park and the Rotary Club of Pokhara – Mid Town

We caught up with members of the Rotary Club of Pokhara – Mid Town and we will be keeping in touch with them.

The remainder of the trip was spent touring the area between Kathmandu and Pokhara, including Chitwan and Gorkha.

Chitwan is the site of a massive national park, set up for the preservation of elephants, tigers and rhinos, besides other native species. When we canoed down a river, we were being watched very closely by hungry crocodiles. (They stayed hungry).

Overall, a wonderful trip that has opened members eyes to many other possibilities for funding.