We’re pleased to have finished our initial trial with positive news. 

“My vision is for Rotary Fitness to be a self-funding communication campaign that creates an image of Rotarians as dynamic and ‘young at heart’ through the use of bold sporting graphics.

My belief is that bold graphics will lead to cross-generational conversations, inspire Rotarians to think more about their health, raise the profile of Australian Rotary Health and at the same time, raise money for medical research.” – Chris Edwards.

We have reached a point at which we can confidently claim that the Rotary Fitness initiative does deliver on all of these objectives.

In the initial trial period – we have:

  • Implemented an eCommerce website and used it to sell a range of Rotary clothing in any size required,
  • Designed a range of 12 sports designs that stand out in a crowd and encourage cross-generational conversation,
  • Released a range of sports polo shirts in 12 sporting designs in men’s and women’s styles.
  • Created a database of Rotary sporting events
  • Designed a logo and high-quality cycling jerseys for the 5 Peaks Challenge
  • Supported Rotary Club of Woden in their ‘5 Peaks Challenge’ event
  • Provided custom polos for the Rotary Club of Murray Bridge supporting the 40th AFGR Tournament
  • Donated a total of $4,634.72 primarily raised through the sales of Rotary Fitness shirts.
  • We also have a PR campaign underway linked to the Sydney City2Surf Legends

Throughout the initial trial period, we have found solutions to a number of challenges, both from the technical perspective as well as the management perspective… and the journey continues!

We need more volunteers

cyclist at the top of a hillCurrently, this entire program has been created and delivered by Chris Edwards and Janine Linklater of the Rotary Club of Hall, both of whom, in addition to their day jobs, also have significant roles on the Board of their club. Janine is the current President and Chris is the Membership & PR Director (as well as Webmaster and Bulletin Editor).

Rotary Fitness creates a string of benefits, not the least is that you may even get a little fitter!

If you’d like to get involved, please get in touch via our contact page. We will need more help to take this initiative to the next level.