How The 100 Day Challenge Works

Maintain Your Training Routine For 100 Days - And Change Your Life

The aim of the group

Running can be a lonely activity, unless you find a group of people to regularly exercise with, (highly recommended for motivation). The aim of this group is to motivate each other to exercise by sharing our thoughts our experiences as we each prepare for one of the world’s best loved community fitness challenges.

I hope that by joining in on conversations and sharing our progress, our challenges and our goals we will all help support each other to achieve our individual goals.

Over the years I’ve found it difficult to stick to a rigid training regimen because things happen. Life has its challenges, and there is also the possibility of injuries, (cramps, muscle tears and so on), that can cause us to change our priorities, and this sometimes means that we can get off track.

What's it all about?

There are a lot of City2Surf training programs around and most of them will start appearing about 10 weeks before the event… so you may be wondering why I chosen to start this one at 100 days before the run!

Ultimately, we all want to live in a permanent state of good health and fitness, but to achieve this requires making some changes to our habits and this requires a serious commitment to change.

Sticking to a fitness plan for 100 days is more of a challenge than sticking to a program for 10 weeks (70 days… and most people fail to achieve that).

If you can stick to a training program for 100 days, you’ll not only be 30 days better prepared for the City2Surf, but you’ll have bedded in some great new fitness habits.

What's different about this training program?

I’ve overcome some of my own challenges to training by evolving a ‘dual stream’ training program that consists of two training options presented concurrently; one easy and one more difficult option on each training day. Both training streams contain roughly the same number of kilometres per week but, depending on how you feel, you may choose to do an item from either training stream on any given day. In this way, this program is ideal for both beginner and intermediate training or transition from one to the other depending on how you feel.

If you are a beginner and you find that you are progressing well, you can easily switch to a more advanced training day. If you are feeling a bit worse for wear, or you’ve missed a few training days, you may choose to switch to the lighter training option until you are back on track.

What if I didn't start at 100 days?

If you missed ‘kick off’ at the 100 day mark, it doesn’t matter… The best time to start is right NOW.

It makes no difference if there are 60 days to go or 30 days to go. The best time to start your fitness program is always ‘today’.

What is a beginner?

I should clarify my use of the word ‘beginner’; in my mind, a beginner is someone who is out of shape. If you don’t currently run at least twice a week and you can’t jog 5 km without stopping, it is safe to classify yourself as a beginner as far as your fitness level is concerned.

If you can jog 5 km non-stop, and you do it at least three times a week, you could choose to do the intermediate training stream. (You don’t have to, it depends on your reason for training.)

 The process

  • Every week I’ll add a program of activities to the site. I’ll also put a link to the weekly activity page on our 100 Day Challenge Facebook Group.
  • Your goal is to follow the program at your own pace – either walking or running. Find a friend to train with. If you have no friends living nearby, perhaps you can find one through the Facebook group?
  • Often I will schedule more than one activity on the same day, it is then up to you to pick the activity that suits you best on that day depending on how you are feeling and your personal schedule. The important thing is that you stick to the program. If it says to do 8km, just do it. It doesn’t matter if you walk or run, doing the distance will improve your fitness.
  • As you go along, share your experiences with the Facebook group. Upload photos of yourself walking the dog, jogging or whatever training activity you are doing.
  • We may meet for some of the training challenges but most of time the effort will be all up to you.
  • Feel free to ask questions or make comments on the Facebook group as you go.

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