helping out at 5 peaks

Janine marking cards at the finish of the 5 Peaks Challenge.

We were delighted to have assisted the Rotary Club of Woden with their 5 Peaks Challenge this year. Many of the riders commented on the excellent organisation from the small team at Woden club.

The challenge is to ride the six peaks of Canberra (that’s not a typo… there is a bonus peak). The ride originally went up Mount Stromlo, Red Hill, Mount Pleasant, Mount Ainslie and Black Mountain and then when the National Arboretum was opened, Dairy Farmers Hill was added.

When we began a discussion with the team at RC Woden, the idea was that the club’s annual event would be a part of the Rotary Club of Canberra’s 90th birthday celebrations. As such, we felt it should have both a logo and a celebration jersey.

Rotary 5 Peaks Challenge JerseyWe designed the jersey to be clearly visible. The zigzag design of mountain peaks on the design meant that the jerseys would stand out. We also wanted the make these out of the best material for a quality fit and finish.

Woden club president officiating

RC Woden President Jeff Ibbotson giving riders their pre-ride briefing

The jerseys include a zip pocket on the back along with the usual three pouches and reflective trim for safety on the road. When we looked at the mockups we decided that this should be a design available for all clubs.

Then we had another ‘great idea’… We planned to make one sample polka dot jersey, to award to a selection of participants. Unfortunately, the factory stuffed up our order and all of the jerseys arrived for the event with polka dots!

Fortunately, the polka dot jerseys stood out and riders were very happy with them. Many lucky people who had pre-ordered their jerseys, ended up with a polka dot one on the day of the event PLUS the proper, top quality jersey, that was delivered to them a few weeks after the event.

The Rotary Club of Woden raised $7,500 for Australian Rotary Health with this event on top of the money we raised from the sale of 5 Peaks jerseys.

The next 5 Peaks Challenge will be held on 28 April 2019.