A focus on health leads to a healthier world.
Be the difference you want to see in the world.

“To continue to grow and prosper, we need to regularly learn from cross-generational fellowship. The Rotary Fitness initiative will help break down generational barriers.


This initiative is as much about an individual’s physical and mental health as it is about the health of Rotary and community well-being.”

Rotary Fitness Champions

We’d like to see all clubs engaging in some form of regular fitness activity in their community.

Rotary Fitness Champions are people within a club who are prepared to initiate and coordinators these activities at a local level.

If you’d like to be a club Champion, check the box on our Subscription form.


Rotary Fitness is a initiative from District 9710 supporting Australian Rotary Health, spearheaded by City2Surf Legend and Australian Rotary Health Ambassador, Chris Edwards of the Rotary Club of Hall.

Health, Wellbeing, Fellowship & Fun

Sport smashes the generation gap.

Even a 19 year old will have no barrier to chatting with an 85 year old when they are both jogging in a fun-run. Because they share a common goal; they already have a common bond.

We’ve tested this. We know it works.

Rotary Fitness polo shirts are designed with bold graphics to attract attention and make it easy for others to strike up a conversation with you. Choose a design that suits your interests and discover friends who are interested in the same thing as you.

A Fundraiser Where Everyone is a winner

Every piece of Rotary.Fitness clothing purchased helps raise funds for Australian Rotary Health in support of much needed medical research. The benefits of medical research are global.

Our aim is to have Rotary.Fitness garments fully funded through corporate sponsorship, therefore enabling maximun fundraising for health related projects around the world.

By wearing dynamic Rotary Fitness clothing when participating in exercise or sport, will help to spread the message that you and Rotary are focused on good health, wellbeing, fellowship and fun.

Designed to Make a Difference

The Rotary Fitness range of polo shirts are all made from wicking sports fabrics, and have been designed to be worn everyday, (if needed).

The cool sports fabric is crinkle free and never shows sweat stains. Scrunch it up then pull it out of your bag and proudly show your Rotary colours.

Range of sports polo shirts for sports and everyday wear.

Top quality custom designed sports clothing to support your event.

Yes, we can customise with your club logo for a sports team or your event.

The Fun and Fellowship range of polo shirts for those who don’t go in for any sport.