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City2Surf Legend, Rotarian
& Ambassador Australian Rotary Health

Rotary Fitness is a initiative from District 9710 supporting Australian Rotary Health (ARH), spearheaded by City2Surf Legend and Australian Rotary Health Ambassador, Chris Edwards of the Rotary Club of Hall.

“To continue to grow and prosper, we need to regularly learn from cross-generational fellowship. The Rotary Fitness Initiative is as much about an individual’s physical and mental health as it is about the health of Rotary and societal well-being.” – Chris Edwards

ARH Chairman Greg Ross (Far Left) next Director Des Lawson and far right Director Colin Thornley

Australian Rotary Health 2017-18 Chairman Greg Ross (Far Left), Director Des Lawson and far right Director Colin Thornley wearing the Rotary Fitness golf shirts.

Seven intended outcomes of the Rotary Fitness initiative:

  • Provide frequent opportunities for Rotarians to engage with their community in a social exercise or sporting environment.
  • Demonstrate and promote health and fitness among Rotarians, Rotaractors and the wider community,
  • Create greater visibility of Rotarians engaging in sport and exercise within their local community.
  • Reinvigorate your club with regular cross generational fellowship between Rotarians, Rotaractors and Interactors and break down the stereotype in your community of Rotary being ‘a club for old men’.
  • Create weekly opportunities for Rotarians to engage and have fun and fellowship with potential new members and get to know each other without bringing anyone to a single meeting.
  • Fundraise for research into effect of exercise and fellowship on brain function and mental health.
  • Help promote sporting events that are owned or run by Rotary Clubs and to help clubs to promote their events.

Our vision is a Champion in every club.

If your are a member of a Rotary Club in and this sounds like something you’d like to get involved with, you may like to be your club’s Rotary Fitness Champion. If so, Please indicate your interest here and we’ll keep in you up to date as the program develops.

Rotary supporters with City2Surf Legends

All the Sydney City2Surf Legends (in yellow) running for Rotary with supporters wearing Rotary Fitness running shirts.


Role and Process of Rotary Fitness Club Champions:

  • Each club should appoint at least one ‘Rotary Fitness Champion’. This person’s role is to make up a team of six or more people from their club and/or their community to engage in a regular healthy activity.
  • Each Rotary Fitness team member will need to acquire an Rotary Fitness polo shirt depicting the sport of their choice. (Other sporting gear may be customised for particular promotions and events.)
  • All team members are required to engage in a regime of weekly physical activity such as a walk, run, bike ride etc. depending on the interests of each club or group.
  • All Rotary Fitness participants will receive regular fitness and exercise encouragement, tips and support throughout the year via a this website, and an email newsletter and Facebook Group.
  • Rotary Fitness team members may choose to raise sponsorship for different sporting or physical activities that they undertake.
  • We are aiming for en-mass entry of participants wearing Rotary Fitness shirts in all community sporting events.