Making a Donation

Australian Rotary Health is classified as a Health Promotion Charity and is exempt from Income Tax. Donations are tax deductible in Australia.

Many areas of research are tragically underfunded. Donations provide an invaluable income stream that enables Australian Rotary Health to fund vital research, education and awareness programs throughout the country.

We rely on donations from individuals, Rotarians, Rotary Clubs and Districts, corporations and trusts to continue this work.

Where to Make a Donation

Australian Rotary Health

REMEMBER: When making a payment, please indicate in the Comments that you would like complimentary Rotary.Fitness clothing.

You will be emailed a Discount CODE then need to return to this site to select the size and style of clothing you would like.

Start Fundraising

If you do a fundraising activity to raise funds and donate to Australian Rotary Health, your donation will be recognised with a Rotary.Fitness shirt.

Sponsor Someone

Sponsor someone who is already doing an activity to raise funds for Australian Rotary Health.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I donate?

As much as you like.

You can donate or raise as little or as much as you want to. We simply worked it out that to get the ARHsport clothing would require a minimum of $100 to be either donated or raised.

If you are responsible for a donation of $100 or more you will also be recognised as a Friend of Australian Rotary Health.
If I raise $100 or more, do I also become a Friend of ARH?

Yes. (For all donations received after 1 July 2017)

When you have either donated or raised $100 or more in your name, not only are you eligible for a Rotary.Fitness sports shirt, but you also automatically become a ‘Friend of Australian Rotary Health‘.

To recognise those who support us, Australian Rotary Health enables donors to become a ‘Friend’, ‘Companion’ or ‘Research Companion’.


Individuals who donate $100 or more are eligible to become a Friend of Australian Rotary Health. Contributions are cumulative and the following recognition levels are available:

  • Friend – $100
  • Bronze Friend – $500
  • Silver Friend – $1,000
  • Platinum Friend – $2,000
  • Diamond Friend – $2,500

Individuals may choose to credit their donations through a nominated Rotary Club and will receive a pin and certificate to recognise their contribution.

What are 'Companions' of Australian Rotary Health?

Donors who contribute $5,000 or more to Australian Rotary Health are eligible to become a Companion. This level of recognition is available to:

  • Corporations or nominees of corporations Estates or their nominees
  • Trusts or their nominees
  • Individuals, whether Rotarians or not, or their nominees Rotary Districts and/or Rotary Clubs or their nominees

A framed certifcate and a pin is presented to Companions who can, if they desire, credit the contribution through a nominated Rotary Club. Pins signifying the level of support have a ruby, emerald or diamond chip. Contributions are cumulative and the following recognition levels are available:

  • Companion – $5,000
  • Gold Companion – $10,000
  • Ruby Companion – $20,000
  • Emerald Companion – $50,000
  • Diamond Companion – $100,000
What are Research Companions?

Research Companions have PhD Scholarships named after their donors. They play a vital role in helping shape the future of Australia’s medical landscape and contribute to a healthier future for Australians.

Research Companions (donors) are able to choose a specific area of research to fund. The scholarship is then awarded to a PhD student completing research in that nominated field.

Donors can choose to become a:

Research Companion (3 years) $100,000
Will fund one PhD researcher for the term of their PhD, which is usually three years.
Distinguished Research Companion (10 years) $500,000
Will fund up to three PhD researchers over a ten year period.
Perpetual Research Companion $1,000,000
Will fund PhD researchers in perpetuity.
What about Workplace Giving?

We have a well established Workplace Giving Program that operates through an employer’s payroll system and provides employees with a tax effective and simple way to donate regularly to Australian Rotary Health.

Workplace giving programs also help employers foster community – business partnerships and encourage a higher level of employee morale within their organisation.

If you would like to know more, please contact our office on (02) 8837 1900 or email us for more information.

Making a Bequest?

Making a will is important at any stage of your life. It ensures that when you pass away, your estate will be handled the way you planned Furthermore, making a will ensures that your assets will go to the people you choose, giving you peace of mind that your affairs are in order.

Including a bequest in your will is also one of the easiest ways to continue supporting your community after your death. By bequeathing to your favourite charity you can also benefit from having access to your funds or property during your lifetime, resulting in less strain on you and your family.

Australian Rotary Health has worked with legal professionals who have offered to assist you in the preparation of a will. Please contact our office for known legal professionals.

To make a bequest, we have information available by calling our office on (02) 8837 1900 or email us for more information.