The Rotary Club of Murray Bridge turned heads in their custom designed Rotary.Fitness polo shirts at the 40th Annual Australian Fellowship of Golfing Rotarians.

Feeding hungry golfers

Feeding hungry golfers

The club hosted the tournament at Murray Bridge from the 8th to the 13th of April in 2018 and had asked if Rotary.Fitness could supply golf shirts for the club to wear so that they would be easily identifiable as the host club members.

Chris at Rotary.Fitness, suggesting that, as the 40 is a significant milestone, it should have a logo so Rotary.Fitness then designed a logo for the event to give the 40th AFGR Tournament more of a sense of importance.

How much did the shirts cost?

40th AFGR Golf TournamentThe Rotary Club of Murray Bridge approached the local Mazda dealer to pay for the shirts, and we put the Mazda logo on the sleeve. So, effectively the shirts cost nothing for the club members, and the local Mazda dealer will get the advertising benefits for many years to come, as the shirts are worn over and over again. And, the profits from the sale of the shirts went to Australian Rotary Health, so it was a win, win, win all around.



Fellowship Groups operate throughout the world. They are ‘interest groups’ that many Rotarians participate in. There are fellowships for everything from golf to stamp collecting, including 4 wheel driving, running, surfing and much more. Currently, there are Rotary Golfing Fellowships in 28 countries.

The 41st Australian Tournament will be held in Alice Springs in April 2019

AFGR 40 on the green