Active Rotarians

Our aim is to support Rotary club and community fitness activities and help to change the perception of Rotary and Rotarians. Plus, the sale of Rotary Active sports clothing will raise funds for Australian Rotary Health.

This initiative enables you to help promote Rotary and improve the lives of thousands as you exercise.

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The Rotary Fitness Initiative supports Australian Rotary Health, and is spearheaded by City2Surf Legend and Australian Rotary Health Ambassador, Chris Edwards of the Rotary Club of Hall.

Rotary Fitness is as much about physical and mental health as it is about the health of Rotary and well-being of community.” – Chris Edwards

Supporting Rotary Sporting Activities

Marketing & Clothing Options

Are you entering a group of 10 or more in an event? We’d love you to wear Rotary Activewear designs.

We can add your sponsor or team logo to one of our existing Rotary Activewear designs or talk to us about custom design Rotary sportswear with your team message on it for your next event. (See below)

The Rotary Active Calendar

Many Rotary clubs hold sporting or fitness related activities to raise funds to support humanitarian and community projects. We have created an event directory for clubs to add their events.

Custom Design for Events

Many Rotary clubs run community activities, such as cycling or running events, to raise funds for their club’s community work.

The Rotary Active Team are here to help support your club activities with custom designed Rotary sports clothing that is integrated with and supports all Rotary International branding guidelines.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Profits from the sale of Active Rotarian sports clothing goes to Australian Rotary Health to help fund medical research that benefits us all.

To maximise our ability to raise this much-needed funding, our goal is to cover the costs of design, manufacture and administration with corporate sponsorship. And that could represent a great opportunity for your company.

Active Rotarians Update

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Rotarians in the City2Surf

Rotarians in the City2Surf

Pictured above: Some of the Australian Rotary Health Legends with Rotary and Rotaract supporters at the finish of 2018 event. The Sydney City2Surf has been the world's largest timed fun-run since its first running in 1971 and Rotary and Rotarians have always been...

Jogging in Holland and Germany

Jogging in Holland and Germany

Like many of us, I love the experience of travel. (Well, not the bit where you sit at airports for hours or lug bags about.) I love experiencing different cultures and poking about in places where I've never been to before. One of the things I like to do is get out...

Rotary Ride for Research

Rotary Ride for Research

Ken Barratt's first Australian Rotary Health Ride for Research (ARH) was in 2003, commencing in Frankston, continuing to Geelong via Berwick, Bacchus Marsh, Cressy, and Apollo Bay. Since then he has ridden in 13 ARH rides, covering different parts of Victoria,...